Hello World.

My name is Michele Saba.

I am a Software Developer and Content Creator from Italy, blending a passion for technology with a flair for engaging communication. My journey in tech is largely self-taught, a path that has honed my ability to adapt, learn independently and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This self-driven approach to learning has not only enriched my skills but also infused my work with a unique perspective.

My technical expertise centers around Python and JavaScript, with a particular focus on Django and Vue.JS You can find most of my open source code on my GitHub Profile.

I'm dedicated to demystifying coding and web development. I reach thousands through my Udemy Courses and my Italian and International YouTube Channels. I am also the founder of programmareinpython.it, a leading Italian resource on Python, and developersnewsletter.com, where I curate a weekly technical newsletter for developers and digital entrepreneurs.

I help entrepreneurs and emerging businesses bring their ideas to life by developing MVPs, providing business support and implementing key features to existing platforms. I am always interested in discussing new projects, so feel free to drop me an email or reach out on Twitter at any time.